College Football Week7 - A Fraudulent Week

It is sad to see that at least,four more teams have gone down the fraudulent road in the national title chase. They are Kansas, Ohio, Virginia tech and Nebraska.

  • Kansas seemingly had a perfect start, 5-0. As for the other three, it wasn’t the same. Nebraska lost its third game, Virginia lost its opener and Ohio State lost its second game. They all lost a game and won the remaining ones. This put them at the sixth week with only one loss.

  • The Kansas Jayhawks were usually seen as one of the best offensive teams in the country, yet they were beaten by Colorado while still ranking 4th nationally in scoring offense. Kansas Jayhawks were both drop-kicked (The other three teams were also kicked out of the race) and body slammed by the unranked Colorado team. How was this possible?

  • Their seemingly perfect score was really nothing when you look at it. The Kansas Jayhawks came into game ranked 17th in the AP Top 25 poll. However, Sagarinput them at 29th. Their strength of schedule was rated 129thamong 120 Division 1-A teams. This means that Kansas came up against teams that are considered as 1-AA division. They won against 1-AA Northern Colorado (1-5). Note that NorthernColorado was ranked 195th. Kansas also came up against 116th ranked UTEP (2-4), 76th-ranked Southern Mississippi (3-3), 80th –ranked Iowa State(3-3) and 64th ranked Duke (3-3).

  • Colorado, on the other hand, came in with a 33rd rating among the 120 1-A teams.

  • Ohio state Buckeyes does not deserve to be ranked 7th. In their play against Boiler maker team in Purdue, they lost 26-18 to a 2-5 Boilermaker team. Here’s the thing. Purdue’s strength of schedule was 23rd while Ohio’s was 37th.

  • 19th ranked Georgia Tech beat 4th ranked Virginia Tech 28-23 on-the-road. At this point, Georgia tech is now 6-1 and Virginia Tech 5-2.

  • Texas Tech, unranked, flogged No. 15 Nebraska 31-10. This put them ahead at 5-2 while Nebraska dropped to 4-2.

  • How about those teams on the move upward? Let’s consider five unranked possible teams.

  • Steady wins the race and that is what you see here.

  • Pittsburgh (6-1) on-the-road over Rutgers 24-7. Also, Idaho(6-1) over Hawaii 35-23, West Virginia (5-1) at home over Marshall 24-7,Michigan State (4-3) at home over North Western 24-14 and Central Michigan (6-1) on-the-road over Western Michigan 34-23.

  • Meanwhile, eight ranked teams won away matches. Here they are in no specific order.

  • No. 8 Cincinnati (6-0) floored No. 21 South Florida, giving it its first loss of the season 34-17.No. 11 Iowa (7-0) finally won Wisconsin 20-1. They were tied after three quarters at 10-10.

  • No. 23 Houston won Tulane 44-16, making much of their win in the second half.No. 6 Southern gave No. 25 Notre Dame a sliding 34-27.

  • No. 24 Utah gave a thorough beating to UNLV 35-15. No. 9 Miami (FL)won Central Florida 27-7.

  • Brigham Young knocked San Diego State 38-28. Finally, No. 6 Boise State (6-0) won Tulsa 28-21.

  • How about home sweet home for teams that won at home? There are six of them.

  • No. 2 Alabama(7-0) won No. 22 South Carolina a sliding 20-6. No. 16 Oklahoma State had a whooper against Missouri 33-17.

  • No. 12 TCU(6-0) had a massive win against Colorado State 44-6. No.14 Penn State dealt with Minnesota 20-Nil.

  • No. 3 Texas (6-0) won No. 20 Oklahoma with a slight 16-13. Lastly, No. 1 Florida, with a last second field goal, won Arkansas 23-20.
    The winners really had a good game this week.


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